I work on a lot of different projects, from web or graphic design to HTML, JavaScript, and PHP coding. I belive in sharing the information I collect regarding how to accomplish something. The projects listed below are of my own creation. I have created either a page explaining it, or just basic coding. Maybe something that I have done can help you, so feel free to browse.

HTML Projects

  1. Custom Select Object
  2. Custom Combobox Object
  3. Custom Combobox Walk-thru
  4. Example Multiple Select Combobox
  5. Letter Sprites (Text Replcament via Image Slicing)

JavaScript Projects

  1. JavaScript Redirect Walk-thru
  2. Lighbox Gallery (Deprecated, suggest using JQuery UI)
  3. Non-pop-up Dialog Box (Deprecated, suggest using JQuery UI Dialog)
  4. Tetris using JQuery and CSS

PHP Projects

  1. Port Scanner

Other Peoples External Projects